KWA mk1 1911 Gas Mag HPA conversion

Just a quick post on a KWA mk1 1911 gas mag HPA conversion. Max Hereen sent out his KWA 1911 to have it converted to use an HPA tank. Unfortunately the 1911 gas mags are very thin and the standard 1/8 NPT quick disconnect plug wouldn’t fit, but using a 1/16 NPT to 1/8 NPT adapter allowed it to be attached to the bottom of the mag.

Firing the pistol powered by HPA is a real blast. Consistent firing for all the rounds in the magazine and minimal impact due to the temperature really makes a case for having a dual regulator and air rig setup and have an HPA side arm along with your Fusion Engine powered primary!

Happy Airsofting,

– Rudy

HPA gas mags

Example of other gas mags converted to use HPA