Bingo Airsoftworks Visits Cross Roads Airsoft in Maui, Hawaii

IMG_0534I’ve completed several PolarStar Fusion Engine conversions for folks out in Hawaii and in particular, I’ve done a few guns for Emery Lee. Emery, who, along with Hal Silva, run the Cross Roads Airsoft field in Maui. Emery has been very gracious and maintained an open invitation for me to come out and play if I ever made it to Maui, and on July 28th we (my oldest son and I) finally had an opportunity to play at Cross Roads Airsoft in Maui, Hawaii.

IMG_0529We had a great time! Everyone was extremely friendly. Emery and Hal brought in food and beverages for everyone and raffled off a new M4 AEG. The field is nice and it has a newly built central Castle. All the work done on the field was through the commitment and the efforts of the local players; a real nice group of folks. Thanks Emery, for the great hospitality and the good times!

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy