G&G GK5C PolarStar Fusion Engine Conversion

IMG_2126The G&G GK5C airsoft gun is very unique and rarely seen on the field. It is the airsoft version of the Swedish AK5C, which is an evolved version of the FN FNC.

The GK5C uses a V2 gearbox, but it has a few external modifications to support the unique dual selector plate implementation for the ambidextrous fire select levers. It also uses a rear gearbox pin that has been moved to a custom location, so an additional pin through hole is added to the GK5C gearbox.

IMG_2119Converting the GK5C to use the PolarStar Fusion Engine required a few extra modifications to support the ambi fire select levers. Part of the top selector plate guide rail on the left side of the Fusion Engine had to be milled away to make clearance for the selector plate.IMG_2121 On the right side, custom mount holes were added and the right selector plate was modified to use the new mount points.

IMG_2124The rear body pin is in a custom location, and unfortunately, this location is right where the Fusion Engine solenoids are located. So the rear body pin was omitted. Instead the holes were covered with self adhesive foam pieces. The lower receiver is molded in such a way that it holds the Fusion Engine very securely using the grip screws and the rear stock bolt, so the rear pin wasn’t really needed anyway.

The GK5C uses a split hopup like the KWA and JG guns (unfortunately) and it requires a custom length nozzle. Quite a bit of chamfering was needed on the hopup BB feed tube and upper section to make sure there was a clear pathway for the BBs to feed.

IMG_2112The gun has an interesting design that allows the front hand guard to be opened by pushing a lever on the right side. The FCU and battery can be located in this space, though it’s a relatively tight fit with the outer barrel and dummy gas tube.

Overall, though, the Fusion Engine works well in the GK5C, and with a bit of customization, the ambidextrous selector functionality can be maintained. With the PolarStar Fusion Engine, the GK5C gun can turn into a top performer on the field and set itself apart even further in a world crowded with a ARs and AKs.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

New custom conversion scheduling system

I’ve changed the way I’m handling custom conversion work. I’ll now be using a reservation system. I have a list of available conversion dates available on my website (See available dates here). If you’d like to have custom work done, contact me here or through email to sales -at- bingoairsoftworks -dot- com. We’ll discuss what needs to be done and I’ll quote the cost and generate a paypal invoice for the work. Then a deposit of 50% or $100 (whichever is less) is required to reserve an available conversion date. You would then send out your gun so it would arrive on or before the reserved date. I’ll do the conversion, test and tuning, and send the gun back, generally within a week.

This will allow me to better control my workload and also offer much more predictability on when you will get your gun back.


– Rudy

Guitar PolarStar Fusion Engine Conversion

photo 1 Here’s my latest PolarStar Fusion Engine conversion. A truly unique airsoft gun. For those that are Guitar Hero fans, now you can show your strumming skills on the Airsoft Field.

photo 3The guitar has been specially modified so it uses the strum bar as the trigger, so you can do extremely fast semi-auto fire by strumming up and down. The whammy bar is used to enable full auto mode. It has an integrated box mag with a capacity of 5000 rounds (there’s a lot of space in the guitar body!)

Future upgrades will allow multiple fire modes by using the keys on the guitar neck, including multiple burst modes.

photo 2It comes with a built in sling as a bonus. So next time you are on the field and someone is rocking out, they just might be the most dominant head-banger on the field with a PolarStar Fusion Engine powered guitar!

Happy April Airsofting!

– Rudy

(I hope you have enjoyed this April Fools post…but watch this space…flights of fancy may yet turn into reality!)