Bingo Airsoftworks Wolverine Airsoft SMP P90 Drop In Kit

Now available, Bingo Airsoftworks Wolverine Airsoft SMP P90 Drop In Kit. This is a direct replacement for the P90 AEG gearbox. The only modification needed to the P90 is a hole drilled for the air line to exit. Installation is extremely simple. Just slide out the stock gearbox and then slide in the P90 drop in kit. It was designed so the stock M4 nozzle will work with the P90 hopup; no custom nozzle is needed. The drop in kit is available for $495 (free shipping US). Click here to order.

Matrix MG42 PolarStar Fusion Engine conversion

I’ve previously converted a Shoei MG42 to use a PolarStar Fusion Engine, but the Matrix MG42 uses a different gearbox shell with allowed most of the FE to be installed within the gearbox. The Matrix MG42 also has a microswitch installed above the trigger to allow the box mag to be activated when the trigger is pulled, so a separate MCU circuit isn’t required.

This conversion, for Justin DeLance, also included an update/repair of the drum mag. The internals of the drum mag were replaced with a MAG brand box mag mechanism. Custom 3D printed parts were used to mount both the solenoids and the box mag motor.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

Magpul PTS Masada Wolverine Airsoft SMP Conversion

Here are few pictures of a Wolverine SMP installed into the Magpul PTS Masada. Since the SMP is a cylinder replacement HPA engine, it installs easier into the PTS Masada than the PolarStar Fusion Engine, as the PTS Masada uses a non-standard V2 gearbox.

The PTS Masada doesn’t use a standard trigger board or fire select mechanism, so the trigger board that comes with the SMP can’t be used. The trigger has to be hooked directly SMP wire harness, and a extra microswitch is needed for the fire select.

A PTS Masada specific nozzle is needed, which is available from Wolverine Airsoft.

This PTS Masada conversion was for Carey Frennier who provided his limited edition blue-colored SMP. A Redlineairsoft grip connect was also installed for this conversion. The gearbox shell was also cut to make it easier to access the SMP for maintenance.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy