ICS L85/L86 HPA Engine Gearbox Replacement Kit

Bingo Airsoftworks ICS L85/L86 Gearbox Replacement Kit Is Now Available

The Bingo Airsoftworks ICS L85/L86 HPA Engine Gearbox Replacement Kit is now available. The HPA kit allows you to easily upgrade your ICS L85 to use the Wolverine SMP (it will also work with the PolarStar F1 and Wolverine Hydra, when available). The kit includes everything needed to convert your L85. You only need to hook it up to your air rig and tank and you are ready to go.

It’s also possible to purchase the chassis alone and install your current Wolverine SMP HPA Engine.

The L85 Gearbox Replacement kit w/Wolverine SMP is available for $435 USD, free shipping (US) (for International customers, additional shipping will be billed separately)
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Here’s a video showing how to install the kit: