photo by Rob Sollars, Opposing Force Airsoft

My name is Rudy, also known by the callsign captainbingo, and I’m an airsoft enthusiast in the Northern Virginia area. While I’m relatively new to the airsofting world (since 2009) I thoroughly enjoy the sport, and I especially love to tinker and experiment with airsoft equipment. I’ve spent quite a bit of time building and maintaining a small armory of AEGs to equip my sons and their friends for when we went out to play field and CQB games. When the PolarStar Fusion Engine became available, I was enthralled with the performance and maintainability (or lack or required maintenance) of the platform, and I have now focused on making use of this technology in as many gun versions as possible. I am always happy to share my experiences and information with other airsoft enthusiasts, so I created this site to document my work, and encourage people to make the same modifications. I also provide services for those that may not be comfortable doing these modifications or want to do other customization of their airsoft equipment.

Checkout Bingo Airsoft Designs site for the latest airsoft products.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here. I’ll do my best to help out.


Happy Airsofting!


photo by Rob Sollars, Opposing Force Airsoft