A&K PKM PolarStar Fusion Engine Conversion

PKM Fusion Engine Conversion with wood kit

PKM Fusion Engine Conversion with wood kit

If you need some serious support fire out on the airsoft field, the answer is the A&K PKM Machine Gun powered by the PolarStar Fusion Engine. The stock airsoft A&K PKM machine gun is a very robust gun sporting an M249/M60 style gearbox, built in MOSFET and speed controller and a massive box magazine that holds 5000 rounds. For it’s size, the PKM is a relatively light gun, weighing a bit over 16 lbs (unloaded), which I believe matches the real steel version weight. But with the Fusion Engine, the massive gearbox can be shed and the gun drops over 2 lbs and tips the scale at 14 lbs.

P1060998With the PKM converted to use the Fusion Engine, it’s easy to lay down as much suppressive fire as needed, with no fear of any gears or pistons wearing out or breaking down. Since large battery is not needed with the Fusion Engine, the extra battery space in the box mag can be eliminated and the capacity can be increased to over 6000 rounds.

P1070018Installing the Fusion Engine into the PKM is relatively straight forward. There is plenty of space in the body of the gun for the Engine, FCU and batteries. The gearbox is mounted using only two screws, so installing the Fusion Engine only required side plates to hold the trigger switch and provide the mount points on the gun. The extra electronics to provide speed control of the AEG gearbox can also be removed.

P1070010The FCU is powered by a small 7.4v lipo, but I decided to power the box mag with a 11.1v lipo to make sure it can keep up with the high ROF possible with the Fusion Engine. A MOSFET motor control unit is connected to the FE GPIO port to activate the box mag when the trigger is pulled.

I tuned the gun to operate at 80 psi shooting about 1.6 joules and with a Ninja 90/4500 tank I’m able to empty a full box mag and still have a bit of air left.The PKM uses a M249 style hopup and there is plenty of barrel length for a 500 mm inner barrel.

I’ve had an opportunity to field this gun a couple of times and it has done a superb job at raining terror on the opposing team (so I am told). Being able to apply accurate and sustained cover fire for an extended period of time can be very effective in allowing teammates to advance.

Time to get my double tank rig together and carry around the extra bags of ammo. Be afraid, very afraid. 🙂

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

Here’s a video from Andrew Esplana test firing his PolarStar PKM:

Here’s a video from Boren Wang demonstrating his PolarStar PKM: