ARES Stoner LMG PolarStar Fusion Engine Conversion

Light machine guns are some of the most fun airsoft guns to use on the field. With the large box mags and the auto-BB feeding feature, it’s hard not to keep the trigger pressed. The ARES Stoner LMG fills this role nicely, and when powered by the PolarStar Fusion Engine, it really comes to life. Emery Lee wanted to take his ARES Stoner LMG to the next level so he sent it out to have a Fusion Engine installed. I’m sure he’s now making opponents run for cover out in the airsoft fields in Hawaii!

The ARES LMG uses a proprietary gearbox. It’s orientation is similar to a version 6 gearbox, but the trigger mechanism is built into the bottom of the shell. The gearbox is mounted in the gun using three pin mount points. I wanted the Fusion Engine installation to reuse these mount points so additional brackets would not need to be used. The ARES LMG also uses a very short nozzle, so a custom nozzle would have to be made to work with the gun.

It turns out the best way to install a Fusion Engine into the ARES LMG is to follow the same technique I use for the M14 installation. The gearbox shell is cut and milled, and the Fusion Engine is installed so it fits securely within the shell. Since there is much more room in the LMG, a slight modification to the gearbox cradle installation technique could be used. The Fusion Engine cylinder is the exact same diameter as a standard AEG gearbox piston, so it fits perfectly within the piston area of a gearbox shell. The back part of the shell needs to be cut away to make room for the solenoids but instead of cutting up the front of the shell (the area that holds the AEG cylinder head) the Fusion Engine can be positioned further back and simply make the nozzle much longer to reach the hopup. This made for a very clean Fusion Engine installation where two additional screws could be simply used at the back near the solenoids to fix the Fusion Engine cylinder within the gearbox shell. The hybrid gearbox shell and Fusion Engine cylinder, minus the motor, could then be just dropped into the gun, using the existing mount points.

The Fusion Engine trigger was tied to the box mag using a relay so the box mag would wind when the gun was fired. With the motor removed, there is just enough room behind the Fusion Engine to store the FCU, and the whole system is powered by the battery that is kept in the bottom of the box mag.

Converted to use a Fusion Engine, the ARES LMG is even lighter, making it easier to wield on the field. Just make sure to bring a lot of extra BBs with you because the PolarStar Fusion Engine powered ARES Stoner LMG is an extremely fun and effective BB delivery machine!

Update 4/5/2013
Here’s a video of an Ares LMG shooting test:

Happy Airsofting,

– captainbingo