Bingo Airsoft Designs will be attending the Fulda Gap airsoft event Oct 9-10

Bingo Airsoft Designs, LLC, (BAD) will be one of the sponsors for the upcoming Fulda Gap airsoft event, Oct 9-11. They anticipate more than 1400 players for the Fulda Gap event. For more details see

As a sponsor for the event, we’ll be giving away a Bingo customized HPA airsoft gun as a door prize, worth > $800 (it will likely be an HPA MP7 gun, or maybe a PDR-C gun). We will also have several Bingo Airsoft Designs prototype guns, now called the Advanced System 5 (AS5), available as loaner guns for people to try out during the event and give us some feedback on how it performs for them. These loaner guns will be all HPA guns, powered by both Wolverine Airsoft Inferno engines and Polarstar Airsoft JACK and Fusion Engines.

I will also have a variety of HPA gearbox replacement kits on display like the ICS L85, G&G L85, P90, and F2000 and MP7 kits.

Additionally I’ll have a service table setup and I’ll be there to help out the airsoft players anyway I can.

If you are able to make it to the Fulda Gap airsoft event, come and find us and check out latest BAD AS5 airsoft gun!

fgairsosft15 gun_silhouette2