Bingo Airsoftworks Wolverine Airsoft SMP P90 Drop In Kit

Now available, Bingo Airsoftworks Wolverine Airsoft SMP P90 Drop In Kit. This is a direct replacement for the P90 AEG gearbox. The only modification needed to the P90 is a hole drilled for the air line to exit. Installation is extremely simple. Just slide out the stock gearbox and then slide in the P90 drop in kit. It was designed so the stock M4 nozzle will work with the P90 hopup; no custom nozzle is needed. The drop in kit is available for $495 (free shipping US). Click here to order.

22 thoughts on “Bingo Airsoftworks Wolverine Airsoft SMP P90 Drop In Kit

  1. Bingo hello I need more information about Bingo Airsoftworks Wolverine SMP P90 Airsoft Drop In Kit

    Can you use with propane?

    Is it possible to regulate the powers?
    What do I need to buy in addition to Bingo Airsoftworks Wolverine SMP P90 Airsoft Drop In Kit?

    I beg you using a translator to understand

    • The SMP P90 drop in kit uses the Wolverine SMP. It uses HPA (high pressure air). Do not use propane. You can get more information on the SMP engine here:
      In addition to the P90 drop in kit, you will need an air rig and air tank. I would recommend either the Redlineairsoft Firebase air rig or the Amped Airsoft SLP air rig (requires SLP air tanks though).

    • No, you won’t have to change out your barrel, but I generally don’t recommend using 6.01 TBB as they tend to jam more easily, but if yours is working well then stick with it.

  2. hi im interested of buying one kit for the p90. I have a king arm i supose it will fit right in? and also do you ship to canada

    • Yes, it should fit in a King Arms, though I’ve heard there might be issues with a King Arms that uses the quick change spring. You’ll need to verify that the trigger on your P90 springs forward without the gearbox installed (the trigger should have it’s own return spring behind the trigger). Yes, I can ship to Canada (priority shipping is +$20).

  3. I was interested in converting my F2000 to an smp. I know the P90 and F2000 use the v6 gearbox and was wondering if th p90 kit would fit in an F2000.

    • The P90 kit won’t work in the F2000 as the trigger mechanism is completely different. I developed a drop in kit for the F2000 and SMP, but I’m not happy with how it works since the F2000 requires an offset nozzle, and the mounting system makes it difficult to do a “drop in” kit. So I’ll build a drop in kit for the Hydra and the F1, which have offset nozzles.

  4. hello,
    I would really like the smp that i now have to be in a p90, its a waste to buy the whole kit when i already have a engine, is the modification needed to the engine easy? or would it be better for me to send my engine to you to mod it in the kit? if that’s oke with you ofcourse.

    Would like to hear from you again,

    Best regards,
    Marco Luttje

    • The engine needs to be milled down. It requires a milling machine to make a proper cut. If you own one or have access to one it should be straightforward. It needs to be milled down until it is right at the level of the solenoid housing. I’ll send an email with quote info.

    • This kit is for the Wolverine SMP. When Wolverine Hydra and the PolarStar F1 are released, I will be updating the kit for those engines and it will use the offset P90 nozzle. I actually have a version for the P* Fusion Engine, but it requires modifications to the body to make it work, so I’m not offering it as a drop in kit.

  5. In a previous post you stated that you would be updating the current model for a polarstar “jack” or the hydra. Its said that the polarstar jack is supposed to be released this month, what’s your ETA on the newest model? I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile but I would prefer the new polarstar over smp due to the more advanced fcu.

    Also do you think that the “jack” could be used for future builds? By that I mean could I reuse the jack and remove it from the p90 (custom box) and place into another rife m4/m16 etc.

    Lastly I would like to know if there will be any price indifference? due to the fact the polarstar will be lower in cost compared to the wolverine models.

    • I’m making a P90 drop in kit for the Hydra now. It will be available when the Hydra is available (again). I haven’t fully evaluated to see if the JACK can be modified like the SMP. I don’t think it can be milled down far enough to allow the nozzle to align. It likely will be a better fit for the F1 when that is released.

  6. I’m just starting to get into HPA and will be buying this to upgrade my P90. I’ve purchased a tank, regulator, and line. Will I need anything else beyond what comes with the drop-in kit to hit the field? Specifically, does the kit come with a lipo battery? Also, does it come with whatever connector you are putting on the air line from the Wolverine in the install video? Just want to make sure I’ve got everything I need. Thanks.

    • Yes, the kit comes with a lipo battery and it also comes with the Foster QD connector (though your air rig will likely have that connector also).

    • The FPS is controlled directly by the input psi. The ROF is effectively limited by the rate the magazine can feed BBs, but usually above 30 RPS you can start to have problems with accuracy and consistency.

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