Bingo Airsoft Designs will be attending the Fulda Gap airsoft event Oct 9-10

Bingo Airsoft Designs, LLC, (BAD) will be one of the sponsors for the upcoming Fulda Gap airsoft event, Oct 9-11. They anticipate more than 1400 players for the Fulda Gap event. For more details see

As a sponsor for the event, we’ll be giving away a Bingo customized HPA airsoft gun as a door prize, worth > $800 (it will likely be an HPA MP7 gun, or maybe a PDR-C gun). We will also have several Bingo Airsoft Designs prototype guns, now called the Advanced System 5 (AS5), available as loaner guns for people to try out during the event and give us some feedback on how it performs for them. These loaner guns will be all HPA guns, powered by both Wolverine Airsoft Inferno engines and Polarstar Airsoft JACK and Fusion Engines.

I will also have a variety of HPA gearbox replacement kits on display like the ICS L85, G&G L85, P90, and F2000 and MP7 kits.

Additionally I’ll have a service table setup and I’ll be there to help out the airsoft players anyway I can.

If you are able to make it to the Fulda Gap airsoft event, come and find us and check out latest BAD AS5 airsoft gun!

fgairsosft15 gun_silhouette2

Bingo Airsoft Designs, LLC and Bingo Airsoftworks

bad_logo_white_blue_full_llc_wwwI’m excited to announce the formation of Bingo Airsoft Designs, LLC. Bingo Airsoft Designs, LLC was created to handle the design and manufacture of innovative airsoft products, created for the future of airsoft. The sister business, Bingo Airsoftworks, will continue as custom installation/modification shop.

The new website will be available soon where we will be showcasing new and exciting airsoft products, especially the Advanced System line of airsoft guns.

Stay tuned for more details!

Bingo Airsoftworks Wolverine Airsoft SMP P90 Drop In Kit

Now available, Bingo Airsoftworks Wolverine Airsoft SMP P90 Drop In Kit. This is a direct replacement for the P90 AEG gearbox. The only modification needed to the P90 is a hole drilled for the air line to exit. Installation is extremely simple. Just slide out the stock gearbox and then slide in the P90 drop in kit. It was designed so the stock M4 nozzle will work with the P90 hopup; no custom nozzle is needed. The drop in kit is available for $495 (free shipping US). Click here to order.

Hopup, Buckings and Barrel Testing and Troubleshooting

I’ve posted a video that demonstrates some of the tests you should do with your hopup, bucking and barrel to troubleshoot BB feeding problems. The video shows the BB drop test, BB push through test, and how to test for air seal on the PolarStar Fusion Engine.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

Here’s a follow-up video showing how to sand down bucking lips.

High Powered Airsoft BBs, official ammo of Bingo Airsoftworks

I’m happy to announce that High Powered Airsoft (HPA) is the official BB of Bingo Airsoftworks. HPA BBs are certified biodegradable and are top notch high precision ammo. These are premium maximum performance biodegradable BBs. HPA BBs are available in .2g, .23g, .25g, .28g, .3g (white) and .4g (tan) weights, sold in 1 kilo bags.

I will have the BBs available for sale on my website soon, or check for a dealer near you.

HPA Banner Bingo Airsoft

New custom conversion scheduling system

I’ve changed the way I’m handling custom conversion work. I’ll now be using a reservation system. I have a list of available conversion dates available on my website (See available dates here). If you’d like to have custom work done, contact me here or through email to sales -at- bingoairsoftworks -dot- com. We’ll discuss what needs to be done and I’ll quote the cost and generate a paypal invoice for the work. Then a deposit of 50% or $100 (whichever is less) is required to reserve an available conversion date. You would then send out your gun so it would arrive on or before the reserved date. I’ll do the conversion, test and tuning, and send the gun back, generally within a week.

This will allow me to better control my workload and also offer much more predictability on when you will get your gun back.


– Rudy

Bingo Airsoftworks Visits Cross Roads Airsoft in Maui, Hawaii

IMG_0534I’ve completed several PolarStar Fusion Engine conversions for folks out in Hawaii and in particular, I’ve done a few guns for Emery Lee. Emery, who, along with Hal Silva, run the Cross Roads Airsoft field in Maui. Emery has been very gracious and maintained an open invitation for me to come out and play if I ever made it to Maui, and on July 28th we (my oldest son and I) finally had an opportunity to play at Cross Roads Airsoft in Maui, Hawaii.

IMG_0529We had a great time! Everyone was extremely friendly. Emery and Hal brought in food and beverages for everyone and raffled off a new M4 AEG. The field is nice and it has a newly built central Castle. All the work done on the field was through the commitment and the efforts of the local players; a real nice group of folks. Thanks Emery, for the great hospitality and the good times!

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

Evike Operation Bad Blood 2013 East Coast Appreciation Game (5-18-2013 New York)

Hey Folks,

I’ll be taking a bit of a road trip and attending the Evike Operation Bad Blood 2013 East Coast Appreciation Game on May 18th, 2013 held at PSI Field, Plattekill, NY.

I’ll be on the “Marxist” team, rocking with my Fusion Engine powered PKM. (maybe I’ll have another unique CQB gun with me too 🙂 ). If you are attending the game, please come and find me and say Hello!

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

Work Backlog, New Projects, and (hopefully) a Few Surprises

Hello airsoft enthusiasts! I wanted to say I appreciate all the interest and support from the airsoft community regarding the PolarStar Fusion Engine custom installations. Unfortunately it has also resulted in a substantial backlog of custom work to complete. I also have a few internal projects that I would like to continue that I hope will bring some new and exciting developments to fast growing world of PolarStar Fusion Engine powered airsoft gun enthusiasts. I’ve had a lot of requests to install a Fusion Engine into an MP7. It’s in prototype stage but a bit more refinement and testing is needed. I also have a project that I hope will significantly increase air efficiency, and maybe a few other surprises. 🙂

To allow me to complete my backlog and make some progress on other projects, I’ll be suspending taking on new gun customization work until June. This won’t affect those whose guns I already have or those I’ve been having current discussions regarding conversion work. Until then feel free to continue to contact me and ask questions or to get custom work quotes. I’ll try and help out where I’m able.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy aka captainbingo

Airsoft GI Tim vs. Bob 4, Ballahack Airsoft March 16

Hey all, I’ll be attending the Airsoft GI Tim vs. Bob 4 game at Ballahack Airsoft on Saturday, March 16, in Chesapeake VA. I’ll be playing on Tim’s Elite Guard team (green team). It’s a sold-out game with 500 players attending. If you going to be there, come find me and say hello!(I don’t know if I will be allowed to fly a Bingo Airsoftworks banner at my car/table, I need to check with the event hosts) But I’ll be in digital woodland rocking out with my G&P Mk23 Stoner 63. I’ll have CAPTAINBINGO name tags.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

Bingo Airsoftworks moved to new hosting provider, site should be faster now

I finally moved the Bingo Airsoftworks website to a new hosting provider so it should be significantly faster now. Feel free to contact me if you have any problems with the website.

I’ll be posting updates soon with some new PolarStar Fusion Engine conversions as well as updating several of the older posts with new information. As I’ve done more and more conversions, some installs have been refined and some have change quite significantly.

Happy Holidays to everyone!