Classic Army G36 V3 PolarStar Fusion Engine Install

The new PolarStar V3 Fusion Engine, in it’s stock form, has the components to be installed into an AK based gun platform. But the V3 Fusion Engine can also be installed into many other V3 gearbox guns with a few modifications or enhancements.

To install the V3 Fusion Engine into a Classic Army G36, several components from the stock AEG gearbox need to be transferred, and a custom nozzle would need to be made.

P1060590From the original gearbox you will need to transfer the trigger, mount plate, and safety lever and spring. The mount plate on the stock gearbox is held in place using metric M3 screws. The V3 Fusion Engine has the mount points pre-drilled and tapped, but oddly the mount points are tapped to standard 4-40 threads, so new 4-40 screws will be needed.

P1060591You will also need to move over the selector plate. The selector plate  activates the full-auto switch when the fire select is in semi mode, so you will need to change the FCU setting “Ason” to be “Asof”, to swap the two mode. P1060596The G36 selector plate was also very lose on the Fusion Engine causing the selector switch engagement pin to sometimes get out of alignment with the selector plate. A simple modification to the metal plate on the selector plate tightens up the movement of the plate and prevents it from jamming up the selector switch pin. Just bend up the metal plate a little and it provides enough friction to hold the plate in place.

P1060747The G36 also uses a custom nozzle that is designed for the unique G36 hopup. The CA G36 hopup has an extra spring mechanism at the top of the hopup, above the BB feed tube, that either is used toP1060748 prevent double-feeding of the BBs, or possibly center the BB in the hopup for the nozzle. P1060746There is a guide rail on the top of the G36 nozzle that pushes this mechanism out of the way when the nozzle moves forward. To have the V3 Fusion Engine match the stock gearbox as close as possible, a custom hybrid nozzle is needed to work with the G36 hopup.

P1060592A hybrid nozzle can be made by mating a stock Fusion Engine nozzle with the AEG nozzle. P1060593This is done by lathing down the FE nozzle until it has the about same diameter as the inner diameter of the AEG nozzle. The AEG nozzle is then trimmed down so when it is slid onto the FE nozzle, P1060594it protrudes out of the Fusion Engine the same distance as the AEG nozzle on the stock gearbox. P1060595The AEG nozzle is then permanently epoxied to Fusion Engine nozzle. The AEG nozzle is scored on the inside to help it bond to the FE nozzle.

The modified V3 Fusion Engine can then drop into the G36 as normal and you will be able to enjoy the many benefits of the PolarStar Fusion Engine on your G36 gun!

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy