Firebase Regulator Adjustment Knob

IMG_0465The Redlineairsoft Firebase air rig is a top of the line air rig for the PolarStar Fusion Engine powered guns. It is designed with an integrated tournament lock cap that covers the air pressure adjustment set screw. The Firebase rig comes with a hex key which is used to adjust the regulator.

IIMG_0466 wanted to have a more convenient way to adjust the regulator, but still maintain the ability to use the tournament lock feature, if required. So I created an adjustment knob that can be added to the air rig to make adjustments much easier. The adjustment knob has “+” and “-” indicators laser etched on the top so you can quickly identify which direction to turn to increase or decrease the air pressure.

TIMG_0469he adjustment knob can be used in two ways. One method has the adjustment knob attached to the air rig and it is held captive using an “E” clip. The adjustment shaft should be inserted through the tournament lock cap, then the knob can be attached to the shaft and held in place using a set screw. IMG_0470This method keeps the knob on the air rig all the time, which makes it very convenient to make adjustments, but it also has the potential to change the regulator settings if the tank carrier or some other object rubs up against the knob. It’s recommended that if the air rig is used in an enclosed carrier, it’s better to use the second method below, or make use of a knob cover lock, like what is sold by

IMG_0471The second way to use the adjustment knob is to remove the “E” clip from the adjustment shaft. IMG_0472This allows the adjustment knob to be removable, so it can function as a replacement to the larger, more bulky hex key. You can adjust the regulator air pressure then remove the knob so it can’t be accidentally turned by the tank carrier.

IMG_0473If you would like to purchase a Firebase regulator adjustment knob, you can Contact Me directly, or they can be purchased from or

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy