First Look at Bingo Airsoft Designs LLC Prototype/Concept Airsoft Gun

Bingo Airsoftworks is very excited to present the first look at the Bingo Airsoft Designs LLC Prototype/Concept Airsoft gun.

09-IMG_3412This unique (and currently unnamed) prototype airsoft gun has been in development for the last 18 months was conceived from the ground up as the ultimate airsoft gun. It is designed to be very flexible and customizable, extremely easy to maintain, and have top of the line performance characteristics.

Here’s a partial list of the distinguishing and anticipated features*:

  • Lightweight, under 5 lbs unloaded
  • Tool-less design. Single push button access to hand guard compartment, single button push to separate the upper and lower receivers and access the hopup and barrel, no pins or screws to remove for basic maintenance
  • Uses standard M4 outer barrels
  • Uses standard M4 hopups and standard inner barrels
  • Uses standard V2 gearbox pistol grips (may change to be real-steel grip support instead)
  • Full top rail, with adjustable and removable riser/handle. Integrated side rails and bottom rail
  • Fully ambidextrous
  • Multiple, customizable fire modes (e.g. safe, semi, burst, full auto, or safe, semi, 3 round burst, 5 round burst, etc).
  • Designed to use an M249 gearbox. This means it will work with an AEG M249 gearbox, PolarStar M249 Fusion Engine, Wolverine SMP/Hydra and PolarStar F1 installed in an M249 gearbox shell (custom chassis for the HPA cylinder replacement engines will be available).
  • In case you missed it, yes, it will work as an AEG. The M249 gearbox design is the most robust format, and it also allows for quick change springs.
  • The fire control electronics will be integrated as part of the gun. The integrated FCU will control all the HPA engines as well as AEG M249 gearbox. This means you can get semi auto and burst modes using an AEG.
  • The FCU will also support bluetooth programming via a mobile app.
  • The trigger mechanism will have integrated “speed trigger” adjustability
  • It does not use magazines!
  • The gun has an integrated BB storage that auto feeds BBs when you pull the trigger. No need to carry multiple magazines, no hi-cap magazine winding, no need for push button speed loaders on mid cap mags.
  • The integrated BB storage area has 3500(!) round capacity, with an easy access quick fill port.
  • Production model will be made from high strength nylon polymers

The prototype shown below was completely fabricated using 3D printing. Note the electronics package is not in place on this prototype.

I believe this airsoft gun will bring the airsoft hobby/sport to the next level. It’s not just airsoft, or mil-soft, it’s the future of of airsoft – Futuresoft. πŸ™‚

Pricing and availability have not been officially established at this time, but we are shooting for Q4 2015 availability**.

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Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

* The feature list is preliminary and subject to change
** Likely to change as additional refinements are incorporated or delays due to unforeseen circumstances

Thumpy Covey from Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft had a chance to test out the prototype gun, check it out here:

28 thoughts on “First Look at Bingo Airsoft Designs LLC Prototype/Concept Airsoft Gun

  1. Just wondering if the area where the BBs are stored is insulated against noise. The rattle of 3500 rounds may be very loud

  2. If I may ask, will it be supplied with either the Polar star or M249 gearbox? and will the firing modes be preserved on the AEG version?

    • Yes, the gun will be likely offered with any of the PolarStar or Wolverine engines pre-installed. It will also be offered with an M249 gearbox, and the plan is to have the firing modes preserved for the AEG version.

  3. Airsoft is not only about the eficiency of the gun you are using, it’s all about the love for your gun. Some love AK, some love M4A1 and others like me love the Steyr AUG…. this gun looks like a kid gun. I am sure it’s performance is good, but the look… is not so good.

    • I disagree, with the improvements in polymer technology we may soon have rifles that look very similar to the above, have a look at the comparison between the M1 Garand, M16 and FN2000 and you’ll see what may be the future.
      The only real complaint I have is the finish, which as already mentioned, will be improved on in the production model.
      if I can add a suggestion, an ammunition counter “a la Aliens M41A” would be absolutely awesome.

    • Hey Aaron, well, one of the key design features is that it doesn’t use magazines. Also since it’s not based on any existing firearm, milsim events wouldn’t likely allow it anyway.

  4. Wow I’ve got a few builds from you Rudy I’ve got to say you have really out done your self sign me up that thing is amazing you just need a super cool name for it now

    • Thanks! Let me know if you have any suggestions for a name…I’ve been calling it the “Dominator” for now. heh.

  5. Well this would be the perfect gun for the person who wants something “different” like myself and performs well compared to popular platforms such as M4s. Would be really cool if it had a integrated shot counter on the side similar to what you did on the Tar months back. Still one of the coolest things I’ve seen up to date. Very interested to see how this comes out. My only complaint is that when I throw money at my computer screen, I am not recieving the gun.

    • Thanks for the comments. The electronics package hasn’t been finalized yet…the shot counter display may still yet appear πŸ™‚

  6. Without the riser it looks beautiful! I have always wanted a futuristic looking airsoft gun. I like the feed mechanism but also think that magazines would add to the fun. At any rate it has been awhile since I have been this excited about a new gun.

    • The weight distribution largely depends on the outer barrel that is used, and if it’s an HPA engine or the AEG engine. It’s certainly biased toward the stock, especially when you have a full load of heavy bbs. But the AEG gearbox carries significant weight which shifts it toward the grip. The outer barrel actually makes a big difference. I’ve put some steel outer barrels in the gun and that actually makes the gun front heavy. I personally prefer the weight in the back instead of the front as it’s less fatiguing to hold up (I swapped the steel outer barrel out for an aluminum one to shift the balance toward the back again, heh).

  7. I love this gun! awesome job on this Captainbingo! I was about to quit airsoft until I saw this. My main gun is a p90 with a drum mag. And this gun definitely suits me:). can’t wait to own one!!

  8. Well would you look at that, I go away for basic training and I return to such an amazing item as this. I am certainly excited for such a product but it will certainly be a long while before I can afford such a luxory on government pay grade but I am certain it will be worth it

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