Fusion Engine FCU Wire Harness Reinforcement

I’ve seen several PolarStar Fusion Engine owners have problems with their wire harnesses, especially those that put the FCU in the buffer tube of their gun. To help solve the problem of the wires getting cut or ripped from the small connector, I’ve added some hot glue to the end of the wire harness to help protect the wires and make it more durable.

Using a hot glue gun and a couple of pieces of metal, it’s easy to make a glue collar for the wire harness.

First liberally apply hot glue to both sides of the end of the wire harness. Avoid putting glue on the connector and extend a little down over the heat shrink tubing.

While the glue is still hot (or reheat it with a heat gun), press the end of the connector between two metal plates. It should cool very quickly and the excess glue will squeeze out on the sides.

If necessary, you can add more glue or reheat the harness and repress it between the plates until it has cleanly covered all the wires.

Once cool, you can trim off the excess glue using a new razor blade. You should be able to press straight down to cut the glue and be careful to not catch any of the wires, of course.

When all the excess glue is cut away, you have a very durable wire harness connector that should last much longer.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy