HALO Assault Rifle Polarstar JACK Conversion

Here’s a HALO Assault Rifle converted to HPA with the Polarstar JACK engine, for Cameron Jones.

A few key points on the conversion:

  • It uses a standard M4 nozzle but the hopup is an AK style hopup.
  • A slide switch was added to provide semi-auto capability
  • The barrel is really short, to accommodate room the IR BB counter sensor
  • It is a bit of a challenge to access the internals (hopup, barrel, engine, etc). Plan to be very patient if you need to do any maintenance on this gun 🙂
  • The weight of this gun is surprising, it’s relatively heavy…but I guess I’m used to using only 5 lb airsoft guns 🙂
  • It looks really cool and is very rare! (I don’t believe you can purchase this airsoft gun in the US)

(I’ll update this post with more comments and information when I have time)

Happy Airsofting!
– Rudy