How To Update The PolarStar Fusion Engine Firmware

I offer a service to upgrade the PolarStar Fusion Engine Firmware, but for those that would like to upgrade the FCU firmware themselves, here are the instructions on how to do it. Please note that PolarStar Airsoft nor Bingo Airsoftworks can be held liable if you damage or destroy your FCU by attempting to update the firmware. Please proceed at your own risk.

To update the FCU firmware, you’ll need the following:

  1. IMG_2215Purchase/acquire the AVRISP mkII programmer and download and install the Atmel Studio 6 software
  2. Plug the programmer into a USB port on your computer. The light on the programmer should be red.
  3. IMG_2213Carefully remove the heat shrink covering from the FCU. It’s easiest to cut on the edge of the circuit board with a razor blade.
  4. Insert the 6 pin connection header into the connector on the programmer.
  5. IMG_2216Attach the programmer to the FCU and hold in place using a clip or rubber bands. Make sure the red line on the data cable lines up with pin 1 on the FCU circuit board programming jumper pad (pin 1 has square solder trace)
  6. IMG_2217Attach a fresh battery to the FCU. The light on the programmer should turn green.
  7. fcu_firmware1Launch the Atmel Studio 6 software and access the Tools | Device Programming menu.
  8. Make sure the Tool drop down reads “AVRISP mkII”. Make sure the Device drop down reads “ATmega169A”. The Interface field should be “ISP”. Then click Apply.
  9. Click on Device Signature Read button, and a device signature and Target Voltage should be displayed.
  10. fcu_firmware2Click on Memories option in the left column.
  11. Backup the existing firmware by clicking on the “Read…” button. Enter a file name and accept. The programmer will read the current firmware and save as the file specified.
  12. In the Flash (16KB) field, enter or navigate to the path of the new firmware .hex file from PolarStar Airsoft.
  13. Make sure “Erase device before programming” and “Verify Flash after programming” are checked.
  14. Click on the Program button to program the FCU. The light on the AVRISP mkII programmer should turn orange while programming.
  15. Disconnect the battery from the FCU, disconnect the FCU from the programmer.
  16. Important: Reset the FCU (hold the settings button down while plugging in the battery) and then verify that the firmware revision is correct (most current is re22)
  17. IMG_2211Reapply heat shrink to FCU. Punch a hole in the heat shrink for the select switch before heating and shrinking.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy