Installing gen3 V2 Fusion Engine into KWA M4

Installing the gen3 V2 Fusion Engine into the KWA M4 is close to a drop in, but a few minor modifications are needed to allow the upper receiver to close properly with the lower receiver.

P1060985The right upper receiver pin tab needs to be ground down so it will clear the selector plate and guide on the Fusion Engine.

P1060986The selector plate needs to be cut back to make clearance for the upper receiver tab.

The safety selector lever needs to be trimmed down so the safety does not engage (or interfere with the trigger movement) when the gun is in semi-auto mode. Cut this in small increments as you do not want to cut too much off the lever since that may result in the safety being disabled (but you can fix this by squeezing the head of the lever in a vice to make it larger again).

P1060987To make changingP1060983 nozzles and maintenance on the Fusion Engine easier, a cutout in the magwell can be added so the front screws on the Fusion Engine can be removed/loosened without removing the entire Fusion Engine from the lower receiver.

P1060988Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy