Magpul PTS Masada Fusion Engine Reinstall Instructions

Here’s a brief set of instructions on how to remove and reinstall the Fusion Engine into a converted Magpul PTS Masada.

To remove the Fusion Engine:

  1. Remove the upper receiver
  2. Remove the stock
  3. If using a Redlineairsoft grip connect, remove the motor plate/grip connect, otherwise remove the air line connector from the Fusion Engine macroline.
  4. Remove the two screws in the mag well
  5. The Fusion Engine should be able to be lifted right out of the gun

To change the nozzle:

  1. P1050126Remove the front screw using hex key
  2. Remove the front nozzle banjo valve using standard screw driver
  3. Slightly lift front of Fusion Engine from lower assembly
  4. Unscrew front cylinder (if necessary, remove the top front cylinder round spacer, you can leave this spacer off, it’s not required for anything)
  5. Push out old nozzle
  6. Make sure to lubricate the O-ring on the new nozzle, and spread lubrication on the “shoulders” of the new nozzle. TechT gun sav is highly recommended (I don’t remember if the second nozzle I gave you had grease already pre-applied, it might).
  7. Insert new nozzle and reattach front nozzle, reattach front banjo valve and reattach front mount screw

To re-insert Fusion Engine

  1. P1060901Set both fire select switches to Safe
  2. Rotate the fire select gear assembly so the silver line on the left side is pointing toward the front of the engine.
  3. Insert the fusion engine into the lower receiver, holding the selector plate and gear assembly in place so it doesn’t rotate
  4. P1060902Attach the stock
  5. While holding the Fusion Engine in place by hand, attach a battery to the FCU and test the safe, semi and full auto selector positions (don’t force the selector switch if it doesn’t want to turn). If it doesn’t operate properly, lift the Fusion Engine up and re-check the selector gear assemble and retry.
  6. P1060904Once the safe, semi and full auto works properly, re-insert the two screws into the magwell, but do not tighten down as the nozzle position needs to be aligned.
  7. AP1060903lign the nozzle position by looking down the front of the nozzle and make sure it is centered over the BB feed tube. Then alternately tighten the magwell screws until slightly hand tight. Do not torque down. Adjusting the tension on the magwell screws will allow you to shift the nozzle left and right, respectively.
  8. If using the Redlineairsoft grip connect, reattach the motor plate, or reattach the air line connector to the macroline.
  9. Attach the upper receiver

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

(Had to move out of my workshop to convert 5 Magpul PTS Masadas at one time!)