Magpul PTS Masada Wolverine Airsoft SMP Conversion

Here are few pictures of a Wolverine SMP installed into the Magpul PTS Masada. Since the SMP is a cylinder replacement HPA engine, it installs easier into the PTS Masada than the PolarStar Fusion Engine, as the PTS Masada uses a non-standard V2 gearbox.

The PTS Masada doesn’t use a standard trigger board or fire select mechanism, so the trigger board that comes with the SMP can’t be used. The trigger has to be hooked directly SMP wire harness, and a extra microswitch is needed for the fire select.

A PTS Masada specific nozzle is needed, which is available from Wolverine Airsoft.

This PTS Masada conversion was for Carey Frennier who provided his limited edition blue-colored SMP. A Redlineairsoft grip connect was also installed for this conversion. The gearbox shell was also cut to make it easier to access the SMP for maintenance.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy