Maintaining the MP7 Fusion Engine Conversion

Additional updates have been made to the MP7 Fusion Engine conversion. The enhanced design allows the Fusion Engine to be extracted from the MP7 without requiring the gun to be taken apart.

The upper solenoid cradle has been redesigned to allow the fire select switch to be mounted on the cradle, and the trigger switch implementation has been changed so it now uses the standard trigger/battery contacts on the top of the switch assembly. Additionally the solenoid air supply fittings have been changed so the stock Fusion Engine fittings can be used, which allows more air to flow to the solenoids, especially the poppet solenoid, so the poppet triggering can be more reliable.

My friends at Amped Airsoft were nice enough to make a video showing how to extract the Fusion Engine from the MP7. Check it out below.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

Updated video on maintaining the Fusion Engine MP7