Matrix MG42 PolarStar Fusion Engine conversion

I’ve previously converted a Shoei MG42 to use a PolarStar Fusion Engine, but the Matrix MG42 uses a different gearbox shell with allowed most of the FE to be installed within the gearbox. The Matrix MG42 also has a microswitch installed above the trigger to allow the box mag to be activated when the trigger is pulled, so a separate MCU circuit isn’t required.

This conversion, for Justin DeLance, also included an update/repair of the drum mag. The internals of the drum mag were replaced with a MAG brand box mag mechanism. Custom 3D printed parts were used to mount both the solenoids and the box mag motor.

Happy Airsofting!

– Rudy

5 thoughts on “Matrix MG42 PolarStar Fusion Engine conversion

  1. Hello Rudy,

    I am planning to buy the Wolverine Inferno for my Matrix MG42 but i was wondering what kind of version the trigger unit is? I saw that you used the existing switch for the drum magazine to power the P* Fusion engine but the wolverine system doesn’t have that feature, It comes with a trigger board. I saw on evike that it is Compatible with Ver.2 Internal Parts (except proprietary air nozzle). Does that mean i can buy the V2 inferno or do i have to buy a Polarstar to make my MG42 run on HPA?

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,

  2. Hey so fusion engine v2 actually work for this mg42? Is there any extra things that need to change in order to fit in this into the gun?

    • A V2 Fusion engine will work (only the upper cylinder is needed), but it requires significant modifications, as shown in the writeup.

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