Nerf Vulcan PolarStar Fusion Engine Conversion

Ok, yes, you had to know this was next…


The Nerf Vulcan PolarStar Fusion Engine Conversion.

The conversion of the Vulcan was similar to the Nerf Stampede, but the box mag was located outside of the gun in the stock Nerf box mag, providing the capacity for 4000 rounds. The same technique was used…gut the Nerf gun and mount the PolarStar Fusion Engine. Lathe down plastic rods to work as spacers for the inner barrel and bracket for the M4 hopup, then integrate the box mag mechanism with a long feed tube spring.

The Nerf Vulcan has an on/off switch at the back, which is still functional for this conversion. Since this gun is a SAW style weapon, the on/off switch was retained, but it could easily be changed over to be a fire select button instead. The existing trigger mechanism and switch were retained, but it just had to be cut away from the rest of the internal gun mechanism.

Mounting the Fusion Engine only required a single bracket at the back. The front of the engine is held in place by the existing Nerf nozzle hole in the gun. It turns out to be a perfect fit for the Fusion Engine cylinder so it holds it very securely.

The majority of the conversion work centered around integrating the MAG box mag assembly into the Nerf box mag shell. Extra foam and an aluminum plate was needed to properly hold the box mag in the shell and keep the BBs from filling all the extra nooks and crannies. The feed spring goes directly from the box mag into the side of the gun, and right up to the Madbull Ultimate M4 hopup. A future change will be a feed spring bulkhead connector that will allow the box mag to be easily removed from the gun.

The FCU, MCU and batteries easily fit in the guns battery compartment. There is enough room to use batteries of virtually any size. In this conversion I’m using two batteries; a 7.4v lipo for the FCU and a 11.1v lipo for the box mag. Since the feed spring is a bit more twisty than the Nerf Stampede gun, the extra voltage allows the box mag to keep up the BB pressure for the higher ROF.

The Nerf Vulcan can let you to really fill a new support role, one that allows you to move quickly since the gun weighs around 4 lbs (unloaded), but also have the extreme BB capacity so you can keep the opposing force down for as long as you need, or cut the grass and trim the nearby trees, depending on your mood.

Thanks to Alan from Team Vcious for convincing his daughter to give up her Nerf Vulcan for this conversion. Alan is now the proud owner of PolarStar Fusion Engine Nerf Vulcan #1!

Happy Nerfsofting!

– Rudy

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