New custom conversion scheduling system

I’ve changed the way I’m handling custom conversion work. I’ll now be using a reservation system. I have a list of available conversion dates available on my website (See available dates here). If you’d like to have custom work done, contact me here or through email to sales -at- bingoairsoftworks -dot- com. We’ll discuss what needs to be done and I’ll quote the cost and generate a paypal invoice for the work. Then a deposit of 50% or $100 (whichever is less) is required to reserve an available conversion date. You would then send out your gun so it would arrive on or before the reserved date. I’ll do the conversion, test and tuning, and send the gun back, generally within a week.

This will allow me to better control my workload and also offer much more predictability on when you will get your gun back.


– Rudy