PolarStar Fusion Engine FCU Firmware Upgrade Service

FCU with re22 FirmwareI’m now offering a service to upgrade your rev2 FCU firmware to the latest revision (re22). The new FCU firmware adds anti-stiction mode with automatic varying poppet dwell. This feature will automatically add a few extra ms to the poppet dwell if the gun has been idle for a period of time to help eliminate “dead-shots”, where the poppet fails to open on the initial trigger pull due to o-ring static cohesion.

I charge $18 to upgrade your FCU firmware to the latest version re22 (covers return shipping for US locations, international is +$8). The upgrade includes removing the existing heat shrink, uploading new firmware, and reapplying new heat shrink covering. Note that updating the firmware will also reset the FCU shot counter to zero. Only available for rev2 FCUs (gen2 and gen3 V2; V3; M249 and M240B Fusion Engines).

You would send out your FCU, and it will be sent back within 2 business days. I guarantee that your FCU will will be sent back in good working order, and you will not have to worry about your FCU being damaged or “bricked” due to the firmware upgrade.