Removing the Fusion Engine from G&P Mk46/M249

(I’ll be periodically adding new posts with support information on the various Fusion Engine conversions. They can be quickly accessed using the Maintenance and Support category on the right)

To remove the Fusion Engine from the G&P Mk46/M249, especially when a fire select switch as been added, requires a few extra steps due to the tight fit of the Fusion Engine.

To remove the Fusion Engine:

  1. Remove the barrel assembly.
  2. Remove the grip and the FCU. Disconnect the fire select switch connectors (if applicable).
  3. Remove the rear Fusion Engine screw.
  4. Remove the screw from the bottom of the gun that holds the front bracket in place.
  5. Slide the front bracket forward, toward the BB feed tube.
  6. Pull the trigger back to make sure it clears the lower receiver.
  7. Tilt the fusion engine to the left side and lift it out by the nozzle.
  8. This will allow the Fusion Engine to clear the fire select switch and then it can be fully extracted.

To reinstall the Fusion Engine, reverse the steps above. Also make sure the BB feed tube is matched up to the hopup properly. You can view/access the BB feed tube using the access port on the right side of the gun.

I’ll be adding video demonstrating the removal of the Fusion Engine when I have it available.

– Rudy

IMG_0080 IMG_0079