TM M14 EBR PolarStar Fusion Engine Conversion

Here’s another gun that is perfect for the PolarStar Fusion Engine, a Tokyo Marui M14 EBR. Peter Noble sent me his TM M14 EBR to have it converted to use the Fusion Engine. The TM M14 EBR internally is very similar to the CYMA/AGM M14. I applied basically the same modifications that I outline in my AGM M14 conversion, but I made a few improvements to the process.

I’ve changed the way I mill the gearbox to make the cradle for the Fusion Engine cylinder. This will allow more of the gearbox walls to stay in place, so the existing trigger switch can be used, but the walls had to be milled down and made thinner to make room for the solenoids. I’ve also had a custom circuit board created to eliminate the need to solder onto the FE trigger board, and it’s much more compact. Peter’s EBR has been setup to shoot semi-auto only and the nozzle was bored out to maximize airflow as much as possible with the “Z” nozzle.

The PolarStar Fusion Engine really brings the EBR platform to life. Now you won’t have to worry about any broken pistons or gears, and you can have instantaneous, reliable semi-auto fire and easily adjustable FPS, having the performance match the amazing look of this gun.


Happy Airsofting,

– captainbingo


I’ve included pictures of a G&G EBR gearbox, to show the differences between the TM M14 gearbox and the G&G EBR. The G&G EBR has the BB feed tube integrated into the gearbox shell, and the back of the gearbox is slanted. The Fusion Engine can work in this gun also, but it will require the back of the FE to be milled down to match so it fits within the upper receiver.