VFC SCAR-H PolarStar Fusion Engine Conversion

The VFC SCAR line of airsoft guns is an increasingly popular platform and they provide a nice alternative to the more common M4 variants that you will find on the field. Even though the SCAR guns use the V2 gearbox, the Fusion Engine doesn’t easily drop in due to the elongated nozzle and the unique selector plate. But Robert Boorher wanted to have the benefits of the PolarStar Fusion Engine to his beautiful airsoft gun, so he sent out his VFC SCAR-H to be converted.

To make the long nozzle for the VFC SCAR-H, a hybrid between the stock nozzle and a milled down Fusion Engine nozzle was needed. The selector plate is unique to the VFC  SCAR line and it uses a relatively complex gear mechanism to move the plate through the different fire modes. Unfortunately this selector plate has small teeth that engage with the selector switch and can be easily broken off. If some teeth are missing or the alignment is not perfect, it can be difficult to make both fire select switches work.

This conversion ended up having only the left fire selector functioning due to missing selector plate teeth, but it all came together very nicely and the gun will certainly be very effective on the field. Enjoy!

Happy Airsofting,

– Rudy